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  • Lew Wheller

    Lew Wheller - Noosa District Body Corporate Management

    "As a director of NDBCM I have had working relationships with both Liat Walker and Ros Janes, the Directors of Success Law for the past 12 years. They are both highly skilled professionals who are always willing to provide assistance and advice above and beyond expectations. They have passed this mindset on to their staff which makes their company a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Success Law who are always willing to respond to any enquiries."
  • Scott Randall

    Regional Manager, Whittles Management Services (Qld) Pty Ltd

    "In order to effectively administer our bodies corporate, we needed the services of an efficient and professional legal firm to assist us in debt recovery action and provide our clients with accurate legal advice when required. We have utilised the services of Success Law for over 6 years now and they have consistently delivered on their services which has inspired confidence and generated the results we were looking for. Because of their experience and expertise, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff, our experience with Success Law confirms to us that we are utilising true specialists in the area of body corporate law. We have no hesitation in recommending Success Law’s services to other professionals in the body corporate arena or clients needing legal advice."
  • Kristin Brinkworth

    Sound Body Corporate Management

    "Success Law has an excellent understanding of body corporate law and provides relevant and expert advice when needed. Ros Janes has guided many of our clients through the many legal, legislative and contractual challenges facing a body corporate today. In recent times, Ros Janes has successfully helped us with lot entitlement adjustments, subdivisions and dispute resolution. I have found Success Law to be easy to deal with, accessible and responsive, and it is comforting to know they are always just a phone call away."
  • Janice Yule

    R Jackson Pty Ltd

    "Success Law carry out all of our clients debt collection needs. We find Success Law staff to be professional, knowledgeable and approachable at all times. Success Law offers a timely and efficient collection service, in comparison to other companies that our clients have on occasion used they offer a far superior service."
  • Tony McQuillan

    Platnium Body Corporate Administration

    "Success Law will live up to its name because of its Principal lawyer Ros Janes. Ros has acted for me personally, for my companies and for numerous bodies corporate which I have managed since 2002, and many of those who had engaged Ros previously insisted that she is “their lawyer”. Her published work following the 1997 body corporate legislation has long been the reference of choice because of its clarity and ease of use, as well as its coverage of the issues. Ros demonstrates her absolute integrity in all instructions given to her, and all files are handled with great efficiency, which is why so many of my Schemes want to continue to engage her. Now that Success Law is available, its phone numbers and email addresses will be regularly used by Platinum Body Corporate Administration, and will be amongst the handful of specialist body corporate lawyers whom we are prepared to recommend to our clients, thus putting our reputation on the line. Anyone considering using Success Law is welcome to contact us for a personal reference to Success Law."
  • Alison Wade

    Ace Body Corporate Management

    "Success Law have handled a number of recoveries for our office and we would once again like to thank Liat Walker and her team at Success Law for another successful recovery. The understanding of the complexities of this particular recovery which involved a Mortgagee in Possession is appreciated. Debt recovery is never easy, but Success Law certainly make this task a little less stressful for Bodies Corporate because of their integral understanding of Body Corporate Law."
  • Megan Grainger

    The Community Managers

    "I am currently using Success Law’s services to recover unpaid Body Corporate levies for one of my Bodies Corporate that is experiencing a very high level of outstanding levies. The services provided by Success Law are outstanding. They are very informed in relation to recovery of levies pursuant to the Body Corporate legislation. I would recommend their services to any Body Corporate."
  • Jennifer Urban

    Whittles Body Corporate Management Services

    "I would firstly like to say, Thank you. Thank you Success Law for your efficient, professional and ‘just get on with the job’ outcomes. Collecting debt is such an incredibly difficult task, particularly with what you have to deal with on a day to day basis. I am not dragged into the matters, which allows me to focus on my work efficiently as a Body Corporate Manager. Remarkably I feel that I know exactly at what step each case is at. This is a clear indicator of the constant and precise communication from Success Law. I feel informed and readily able to update any party of interest…and yet I am not doing all of the work. In summary, in the business world you need other business operators to be professional, efficient and have clarity. This make “your company” look professional and efficient. These businesses are referred to as “gold”. Success Law, you are gold to Whittles and I am at ease and I have the comfort of trust each time we instruct you to commence debt recovery action. You make a potentially horrendous job… easy."
  • Peter Nicholson

    Active Body Corporate Management

    "We have worked with Ros Janes for over 10 years as the leading expert practitioner in body corporate law in Queensland. As a long time manager of bodies corporate on the Gold Coast, Active Body Corporate Management demands accurate and considered advice for our clients. Ros has proven her credentials and ability time and again in this regard. Our association with Collect Success and Liat Walker has been equally as successful. We have found Collect Success to be the premier body corporate levy arrears collection service in Queensland offering efficient and timely collection for unpaid levies. We have engaged the services of other levy collection firms in the past both on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane but Collect Success have offered the best available service to our clients. To hear that both Ros and Liat have merged their firms to create Success Law is in our opinion an excellent decision and a natural synergy for the two successful leaders in their fields. We look forward to our continued relationship with Success Law which we believe will offer our clients the best legal and levy recovery services available in Queensland."
  • Gail Simpson

    BCP Strata

    "We have dealt with Success Law and its principals Ros Janes and Liat Walker for quite a number of years and in particular Ros Janes whom we have known and dealt with for approximately 15 years. We have engaged the company on numerous occasions regarding legal representation for management rights matters for bodies corporate and engaged their company on behalf of many of the bodies corporate we manage to handle the debt collection in relation to outstanding body corporate levies. We have found the principals and their staff to be of great assistance as they are professional in their approach to all matters and have an extremely good knowledge of the relevant Acts. The result being that they perform their duties in a very professional and efficient manner and ultimately reach a successful outcome on behalf of their client. The company is one of the companies which we recognize as one of our elite professionals in our portfolio and highly recommend them."
  • Denis Hale

    Active Management Rights

    "Ros, on behalf of Active Management Rights I would like to congratulate you and wish you every success with the establishment of Success Law. We have been grateful and impressed with your efficient and effective advice over the years turning what can often be a stressful transaction for people into a solid and well informed business decision. Experienced and sensitive consultation is the cornerstone of a successful management rights purchase or sale and your straightforward and frank advice has been a great asset for everyone involved."
  • Bev Campbell

    Australasian Body Corporate Management (Qld) Pty Ltd

    "Just a note to say a special thank you for forwarding information on changes to fees and the ready reckoner. Personally, I appreciate the cost that this would have been to you and the effort put in to arranging for such a publication but more than this, both myself and the team here appreciate your being there for all of us, especially when we need to refer matters outside the realm of our expertise."
  • Maureen O'Connor

    Committee Member

    "Success Law has been supportive and reliable in their endeavour to support our body corporate in recovering significant debts which were adversely affecting our operating costs. It is reassuring to deal with a company that understands our needs and is prepared to work with us to achieve a positive outcome. We are, after all, ordinary investors trying to provide for our future retirement and support from Success Law has provided welcome encouragement."
  • Benita Williams

    Challenge Strata Management

    "Liat Walker and the team at Success Law have achieved outcomes on complex debt recovery in a difficult economic climate. It is indeed a pleasure to brief Success Law on a levy recovery matter knowing with full confidence that the governing legislation is fully understood and previous court and tribunal determinations are thoroughly researched to ensure that the recovery procedure cannot be faulted. I cannot recommend Success Law highly enough in matters of levy recovery. Liat Walker particularly, is truly dedicated with years of expertise. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Success Law for all levy recovery matters."
  • Stephanie Peech


    "We would like to thank Success Law for another fantastic result in recovering unpaid levies on behalf of one of our bodies corporate. The recovery of unpaid levies is often a very difficult business which requires patience, tact and considerable perseverance, but Liat Walker and her team at Success Law never give up and have always achieved excellent results for our bodies corporate. Being able to hand over this process to Success Law in the knowledge that it will be dealt with professionally and effectively is a huge boon to a busy strata manager, and every positive result achieved by Success Law also reflects well on us. We are very grateful for the assistance provided to us by Success Law and we would most certainly recommend their services to others in the industry."
  • Kellie Wright

    15 years Senior Body Corporate/Development Manager

    "I first starting using Liat Walker for debt recovery of body corporate levies back in 2000, before Liat and Ros Janes established Success Law. Success Law specialises in debt recovery, they know the legislation back to front, they feel the frustrations of the body corporate managers, committees and lot owners. Through their many years’ of experience and their extensive knowledge, they have developed best practices to ensure that unpaid levies are recovered in a quick and cost effective manner. With Success Law, committees and body corporate managers can have peace of mind that the correct steps will be taken every time. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Success Law, particularly for recovering unpaid Body Corporate levies."
  • Kristin Brinkworth

    Sound Body Corporate Management

    "Success Law has an excellent understanding of body corporate law and provides relevant and expert advice when needed. Ros Janes has guided many of our clients through the many legal, legislative and contractual challenges facing a body corporate today. In recent times, Ros Janes has successfully helped us with lot entitlement adjustments, subdivisions and dispute resolution. I have found Success Law to be easy to deal with, accessible and responsive, and it is comforting to know they are always just a phone call away."
  • Simon Barnard

    Hartley’s Body Corporate Management

    "Hartley’s Body Corporate Management would like to extend our thanks to the Success team for the ethical, professional and timely service that they provide for our clients. We have found the success team very proactive and efficient in all dealings with our clients, with a recent matter that was moved to this firm being fully completed in two months after being with another firm unresolved for over a year."
  • Leanne Cummings

    Committee Member

    "I am a lot owner in a high rise residential complex near Brisbane City, and a long term member of the committee for our building. Liat Walker and her team at Success Law have provided us with highly professional, effective and responsive service in the recovery of unpaid body corporate levies, and have achieved outstanding results for us.” In one matter it took some five years and a number of court proceedings, but Success Law recovered every last cent of the unpaid contributions, penalty interest and recovery costs which we had incurred for a total sum which exceeded $100,000. We were overjoyed with the final outcome. There were some dark days where the actions of the defaulting lot owner did make us despair, and made us wonder if we would ever be successful. Success Law never waivered in their commitment, and their professionalism and dedication to the task, and demonstrated their considerable expertise in navigating the complexities of the legal system to deliver a fantastic final outcome for us. I could not imagine a more difficult recovery action than this particular matter, but Success Law ensured that we were ultimately triumphant. I cannot speak highly enough of Success Law. I would not have a moment’s hesitation in proudly recommending them to anyone requiring the recovery of unpaid body corporate levies."
  • Kelly Borell

    Body Corporate Manager, Tower Body Corporate Administration Pty Ltd

    "We have been working with Success Law for a number of years now on various legal and debt recovery matters. We have always found the staff to be very efficient and professional, and we have experienced successful outcomes on the issues that they have dealt with on our behalf. We would have no problem with recommending Success Law to anyone that wishes to find an experienced legal firm to sort out their Body Corporate issues."